Brisbane to London in 24 hours

We did it!

The first leg of the journey went well! There were lots of movies to choose from including Ben’s all time favourite Man of Steel and my beloved Tangled. I watched Brave (love those Scottish accents) then About Time (fantastic movie but hard on my heart, and tear ducts). Sam watched Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus then read before having a nap. I had a nap of my own in the middle of the 2nd Thor movie and before knew it we were in Dubai.

After exploring the airport we exchanged some cash to the local currency dirham (a name we Durham Street-ers were pleased to discover, though perhaps should have known before we left) to buy water bottles then waited for our next flight.



On the next flight there was actually an empty seat next to me which was a great luxury. This time I watched The Internship (average) and Tangled. I managed to have a short nap in my seats while Sam watched Captain Phillips, a movie like Taken but not Taken and Elysium. I watched the start of Elysium but in my sleep deprived state it was too emotional.


Yay spare seat for lying down

We arrived in London with just enough time for a coffee and hot chocolate while waiting for my lovely cousin to arrive.

Sleep deprivation is setting in. More words can happen after sleep!


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