The Tower of London and Monument- London – Day 5

We’re in Westeros!

2014-02-17 22.21.39 edit

Well, not quite. The Tower of London does keep at least 6 ravens at all times (apparently bad things happen when there’s less than 6) but they don’t seem to be carrying messages to anyone.

2014-02-17 22.08.24 edit

We took a tour with a Beefeater (aka Yeoman Warder). To become a warder you must have completed 22 years exemplary service in the armed forces. Our guide said they weren’t sure where the name Beefeater came from but it may have been because they used to be given meat as part of their wage and were allowed to eat meat left on the King’s table after he had eaten.

2014-02-17 22.45.32 edit

Our wonderful Beefeater told us about all the horrific executions that took place at the tower and the nearby square. A very morbid but interesting history. After the tour we explored on our own and saw lots of interesting displays.

2014-02-18 00.58.10 edit 2014-02-17 23.43.35 edit

We visited the crown jewels (so sparkly) and walked the walls (which gave us a lovely view of the Tower Bridge).

2014-02-17 23.29.55 edit 2014-02-18 01.33.24 edit

We were at the right place at the right time and saw the guards escorting The Word (the password).

2014-02-18 01.01.23 edit 2014-02-18 01.02.38 edit

We saw the Bloody Tower, the mint, the chapel and lots of other interesting buildings and displays. Well worth the trip.

2014-02-18 01.17.02 edit 2014-02-18 01.17.12 edit 2014-02-18 01.19.10 edit

We had run out of time to do any of the other big sightseeing stops in the area but we quickly dashed over to Monument, which is literally just a really tall monument that you can walk to the top of. I made it all the way up and down all those stairs without falling! The view from the top was lovely. The monument commemorates the Great Fire of London.

2014-02-18 03.15.09 edit

2014-02-18 03.08.48 edit 2014-02-18 03.04.09 edit

After all this we had our first pub dinner and walked on London Bridge (photo from the London Bridge looking back at the Tower Bridge) before heading home.

2014-02-18 04.28.41 edit


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