A Full Day of Sightseeing – London – Day 7

Today was a big day! We started off checking out Parliament house and Big Ben. We didn’t do a tour inside just walked around admiring the buildings.

2014-02-19 23.39.05 edit

Next up we visited Westminster Abbey where some of my favourite dead people are buried or memorialised (Charles Darwin and my favourite poet D.H. Lawrence at the top of a long list of amazing famous people from the past). The abbey was beautiful and I found the audio tour really interesting.

2014-02-19 23.36.16 edit
At this point we were starving as we made our way to St James park and ate at Inn the Park. I had my first quintessentially English meal of sausages and mash! We hung out with the squirrels (I am determined to return to a park with nuts to tempt a squirrel to jump on my shoe! Someone nearby was tempting them out with nuts which is how Sam ended up with his little friend.

2014-02-20 00.11.26 edit
Next up was Buckingham Palace.

2014-02-20 01.29.47 edit
Then Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery.

2014-02-20 02.11.53 edit
Inside the National Gallery we saw lots of beautiful paintings. I cued up alone to see Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. I can remember a print of this painting sitting in my Dad’s house so I couldn’t miss the opportunity to see them. Definitely worth the wait.

2014-02-20 02.10.20 edit
To finish off this humongous day we saw The Lion King at Lyceum Theatre. This ended up being the only west end show we caught on our trip (which means we’ll have to go back right?) and we loved every minute of it.

2014-02-19 19.19.08 edit


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