St Paul’s Cathedral and the Museum of London – London – Day 9

Today we climbed a zillion steps to the top of St Paul’s Cathedral! The cathedral itself was stunning and the view from the upper galleries was amazing. First up was the Whispering Gallery. It was a bit too crowded to tell if it really carried our whispers to the other side of the cathedral but it was wonderful to get a closer look at the gorgeous roof (unfortunately no photography inside the cathedral). The next was the Stone Gallery with some lovely views of the city then even further up to the Golden Gallery. It was so windy up the top I thought my glasses might blow off =P

2014-02-21 12.43.47 edit

2014-02-21 13.01.36 edit

2014-02-21 13.05.05 edit

2014-02-21 13.06.03 edit

2014-02-21 15.03.14 edit

We also popped into the Museum of London which was very kid friendly but not particularly engaging for us. There was definitely some interesting displays though.

2014-02-21 15.18.04 edit

On our way home we grabbed a couple things at Primark and tried English McDonalds for dinner (surprisingly similar to Australian Maccas =P)

BONUS: Someone lost a tooth at breakfast!

2014-02-21 19.41.23 edit


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