Highland Ponies – Glasgow – Day 15

We rugged up in our layers and ventured out of Glasgow to see the Scottish countryside from some highland ponies. Never before have I ever felt so close to the ground while on horse-back! We arrived super early and wandered around nearby discovering why they insisted on wellies (mud mud mud!). We chatted to the horses nearby till our guides arrived. Maria, the lady I had organised this with, drove a white van full of tack, helmets etc and 3 friendly dogs as well as the lovely girl who would take us on the ride. Two dogs stayed in the cabin but Lexi was far too excited for that. She was gorgeous and so happy.

2014-02-27 11.46.12

2014-02-27 11.46.22

2014-02-27 12.06.39

2014-02-27 12.13.10

2014-02-27 12.07.14

Lexi trying to escape the cabin of the van

We met our little highland ponies, Sam on Hamish (left) and Cait’ on Millie (middle), as well as our leader Jess (right).

2014-02-27 12.09.38

The ride was amazing! We saw the beautiful countryside, deer and I may have glimpsed an otter (Sam added that we saw water fowl and mud). There was a lot of mud! Poor ponies had to fight their way through it most of the time. The first time we started to trot Millie slipped in the mud then panicked and cantered to catch the others. No one else even noticed but I was all smiles, it’s been so long since I got to canter even on a tiny pony and I was proud I kept my seat with the big slip/slide that started us off. Even with the mud Sam got to try his very first canter (when we were supposed to be trotting but that’s beside the point. Cait and Millie joined him too, it was on the way home after all)! Sam also encountered a bit of barb wire fence (torn jeans are ‘hip’ right?) when keeping Hamish close to the fence while trucks passed us on the road. Millie was a gentle pony but very stubborn and disliked being last in line (reminded me a bit of riding our neighbours horse Ebony when I was young). After the ride we headed home to defrost and wash off all the mud.

2014-02-27 13.50.49

2014-02-27 13.50.25


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