Slán go fóill Éire, Bonjour France – Dublin/Paris – Day 21

That’s Gaelic for ‘See you later Ireland’ and French for ‘Hello France’! (Make sure you’re reading that last bit with a French accent since it’s France in French or English. On that note, every time I write Paris you should read it as ‘paree’ to keep things interesting).

After another early start we made it to Paris in record speed (a bit over an hour from Dublin to Paris). We arrived to a toasty 10 degrees (C) and managed to catch the RER B then the Metro to make it to our apartment near the Eiffel Tower (it’s just off Rue du Commerce Milly!).

Pretty much every time we interacted with anyone today I started off great with “Bonjour” but had no clue what to follow that up with… Luckily everyone essential spoke English. I usually then thanked them in English, forgetting to use my other French phrase ‘Merci’ (Ok, I might have a few others up my sleeve but they seem to leave my brain whenever I encounter an actual French person). A lovely lady held the door open for us as we came up the stairs from the metro with our suitcases, and since Sam decided to carry both his and mine she commented (very quickly) in French. My miming of ‘muscles’ (have you seen me show off the all-but-invisible definition in my bicep? exactly like that!) got a laugh and friendly smile :)

After an intense struggle with the wifi (we won… eventually…) we ventured out for sustenance. We found a great shop nearby called Monoprix and headed straight to the top floor to get some groceries. I’m looking forward to checking out the rest of the store some time. This was the most fun I’ve ever had while grocery shopping. I still haven’t quite got over the fact that you can buy alcohol while buying your groceries. Fun fact, you need to take your veggies to be weighed at a counter inside the store and get a sticker (like when you order at the deli in Aus). I definitely did not discover that at the check-out >_>

2014-03-05 15.46.03

I even found Speculoos (called Biscoff in America) which is basically cookie butter (I’ve wanted to try this spread for ages, but not enough to order it in, so this was exciting). It tastes exactly like the biscuits [Annie] (when eaten straight from the jar on a spoon, not sure about when it’s actually spread on bread).

2014-03-05 21.47.18

To top off this exciting adventure of an afternoon we stopped at Micky D’s for a Royale with Cheese (they use the metric system here).

royal cheese

Aaand after a nice bath I started trying to catch up on this whole blog thing while Sam eventually fell asleep on the couch. We miss you all lots and lots. Love and light!


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