Île de la Cité and Île Saint Louis – Paris – Day 23

We got off to a late start this morning (after almost a month travelling it’s nice to have a bit a ‘free’ time in Paris to take things slowly, sleep in just once and have some time to relax reading/listening/watching something). When we arrived at our planned destination Notre Dame the lines for visiting the towers were incredibly long. Since we had seen how short they could be (when meeting our walking tour here on the first day) we decided to check in later and ended up putting Notre Dame off for another day, visiting other attractions on Ile de la Cite today instead.

We wandered over to Saint Chapelle, an incredibly beautiful chapel famous for it’s stained glass windows. I took at least a hundred photos inside but I’ll just share a few. Unfortunately for us quite a large section of the windows was blocked off while they repaired/conserved it. We got the audio tour here but I found it was a little hard to follow and we had trouble locating the sections of the glass it was referring to as some was blocked off completely and others were so high up it was difficult to make out the details. Take away = stunning visual, no commentary needed.

2014-03-07 11.03.38

2014-03-07 11.13.40

2014-03-07 11.41.25

2014-03-07 11.56.46We walked past the Palais de Justice (forgot to mentioning seeing it in the walking tour post!) on to the Conciergerie which was mildly interesting (got a joint ticket with Saint Chapelle so thought we’d give it a go). Lots of sad stories about the poor conditions and treatment prisoners received there.

2014-03-06 09.57.10

Palais de Justice

2014-03-07 12.13.33


2014-03-07 12.41.31

A reproduction of Marie Antoinette's cell when she was kept here before being exectued.

A reproduction of Marie Antoinette’s cell when she was kept here before being exectued.

2014-03-07 12.46.15

Next we checked out the other island in the Seine, Ile Saint Louis. We had lunch then a yummy Berthillon ice-cream. After that we walked along Rue du Commerce, a special shopping street that also leads us right back to our apartment (via Monoprix for more groceries).

2014-03-07 15.23.46


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