Notre Dame Cathedral, Love Locks and Versailles – Paris – Day 25

Today we finally saw Notre Dame Cathedral from the inside. So beautiful. It was a bit odd being inside a cathedral (while a service/mass was happening!) with such a big touristy crowd, but still a very special experience. We walked to the top of the towers which gave a wonderful view of the city, and a close up view of the gargoyles. The bells even rang while we were up there but I couldn’t see Quasimodo.

Sam requested that I use this photo for the Notre Dame post...

Sam requested that I use this photo for the Notre Dame post…

2014-03-09 09.42.27

2014-03-09 10.01.03

2014-03-09 10.03.54

There have been so many stairs on this holiday but we haven’t fallen down any since the first day =P

2014-03-09 10.20.52

2014-03-09 10.32.47

2014-03-09 10.46.30

Then we locked our love to a bridge and threw away the key! The process goes: (1) lock padlock anywhere you can find space on one of the love lock bridges (our lock was a lovely engagement present with the date we got engaged engraved on it) (2) kiss! (3) throw the keys into the Seine. Pretty sweet <3

2014-03-09 11.19.45

2014-03-09 11.23.35 edit edit

2014-03-09 11.24.41

Can you spot it?

Next we took the train out to Versailles to visit the chateau. Their interior decorators really took over-the-top to the next level. Shiny!

2014-03-09 14.21.53

2014-03-09 14.53.17

2014-03-09 15.41.09


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