Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and the Colosseum – Rome – Day 32

Today we explored some ancient Roman ruins. They were truly breathtaking (and I can’t believe how much there was to see!). We started with the Roman Forum then followed it back through Palatine Hill and on to the Colosseum (all included in the one ticket and definitely worth the time to see at least a bit of each area).

I found a useful app with free audio guides (they have lots for other places in Europe too!) but we were a bit worried about my phone’s terrible battery life (as it has the maps back to our apartment) so we ended up relying on the info signs scattered around. I was able to read some interesting things through the app though and we might listen to the rest later. The history of these areas is certainly interesting but I think the sights are amazing enough without too much background. What do you think?

2014-03-16 09.21.12

Rule #375 of the trip: If a cat is seen a photo must be taken.

2014-03-16 09.28.36

2014-03-16 09.29.53

2014-03-16 09.49.24

2014-03-16 10.12.33

2014-03-16 10.23.51

2014-03-16 10.38.52

2014-03-16 10.40.30

2014-03-16 10.46.11

2014-03-16 10.59.01

2014-03-16 10.59.04

2014-03-16 11.02.22

2014-03-16 11.11.47

2014-03-16 11.31.03

2014-03-16 11.33.07

2014-03-16 12.11.01

2014-03-16 12.11.48

2014-03-16 12.26.52

2014-03-16 12.38.22

2014-03-16 14.57.58

2014-03-16 15.04.10

2014-03-16 15.18.45

Colosseum Cat!

We passed lots of beautiful buildings and streets on our walk to and from the sights today. We also popped into ‘Despar’ to grab breakfast and some snacks/drinks/tomorrow’s breakfast. For dinner we enjoyed take away pasta and pizza with our Italian beer and bubbles.


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