Ponte Vecchio, Piazza Vecchio and Piazza della Signoria – Rome/Florence – Day 35

We caught the high speed train from Rome to Florence. It was so quick and less stressful than flying (you could probably arrive at the station 5 min before your train and still make it). I loved watching the countryside go by, lots of beautiful sights. I wish I could take proper photos from the train!

We arrived in Florence and were shown into our apartment with no problems. Our building is pretty old (like basically every building in Italy) and has a tiny elevator which requires you to manually open and close 2 sets of doors, has a 3 person maximum and makes a terrifying sound every time it ‘locks’ and leaves or arrives at a floor. An experiment proves that if you open the inside set of doors while in motion it stops between floors and waits for you to stop being silly.

We love this apartment! The location is perfect. We decided to go for a wander after we got settled and discovered the famous Ponte Vecchio (a very old bridge that has goldsmiths along it now) is basically at the end of our street. We followed the street along and saw lots of shops and stalls around. I want to photograph nearly every street we see in Florence, they are all so beautiful and interesting. My 50mm lens finally got a chance to see some light on this trip (and reminded me why it’s my favourite – it’s just not suited to shooting big tourist sights in close spaces so it hasn’t made the cut most days)! We stumbled on Palazzo Vecchio (“town hall” of Florence, ‘Old Palace’) and Piazza della Signoria and checked out some famous sculptures including the replica of David, Medici lions and  The Rape of the Sabine Women. We also got some delicious gelati (I got ‘cream’ flavour which was great and tasted a bit like custard) and had dinner at a cute restaurant right next to our apartment building.

2014-03-19 15.25.31

Ponte Vecchio

2014-03-20 08.14.45

Palazzo Vecchio

2014-03-20 08.22.02

Replica of David where the original once stood

2014-03-19 14.52.44

A Medici Lion

2014-03-19 14.52.09

The Rape of the Sabine Women

2014-03-19 14.58.01

2014-03-19 14.58.54

2014-03-19 15.50.40

Our street